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Self Defense 2

Self Defense part 2

                   In this section we will be disscussing some other help-ful survival tips for those that are stalked by extremist vigilante groups. Family ties are very imprtant, loss of family support mentally,and financially is not good. To avoid having this happen it is important to educate family and close friends,that you are being targeted. There is plenty of educational material available on the internet obout gangstalking,such as   (faq)  One most be patient and understand it is not easy to educate a non-targeted person obout gangstalking. But, you must make several trys to educate them and try to the best you can to explain you are being targeted by an organized group. What most people find it hard to believe is that such a large extensive network of vigilantes exist. There is so many vigilantes that it is easy to understand that the police are not doing there job,some are even covering up that an operation is underway,and some are helping the vigilantes to destroy a persons life. How you handle the fact that you are stalked is half the battle.

Financial Advice

                   Not everyone that is targeted will become homeless, jobless or incarcerated or put in a mental hospital. However, self-defense is very important, survival is the key. One option is to try and have more than one job or income to survive. Try to find as many ways to make  money as possible. The stalkers will try to take your job if they can. If you are working use your job to get another job. So your constantly busy,this will help eleviate some of the pain of stalking. The worst part and the thing to avoid is isolation. This is the goal extremists try to achieve, by harrassing you, in time you will not want to be productive, and you might become depressed. If you lose a job, continue to find another one. I honestly, believe anyone(even a targeted indvidual)can find work if they try hard enough,if your lucky enough to have your own bussiness,all the power to you. Yes, they will try to black list you,but if you are persistant and have a positive attitude you will win.     One big mistake targeted indviduals make is talking to much obout stalking in general. If you work with people try not to burden them with these issues,it will work against you, you see the more you talk obout it at work the more people might become turned off, you must try extra hard to make as many friends as possible.

                                            When going out, and this is important,despite the risks, you must try and live your life. Bring a friend or companion with you. Extremists want to mess with you when your alone,because there is no witnesses. Going out with friends is the best thing you can,so you wont be alone. Even if you are followed,go visit friends and family. Dont become isolated. Isolation sucks, and should be avoided at all costs.




More on survival

Networking with other victims is important as well. Talking to people who are expierenced with stalking helps,such as social workers. Try to find a counseler that is educated obout extremist groups. Remember, its not just that you are being followed you are being targeted by an organized,cult, right wing hate vigilante gang.

                                  One must also understand, that we have been taught or programed into thinking that if a person is being followed that they are crazy, and need help. This is nothing futher from the truth. With the advances of technowlogy, cell phones, pagers and police scanners it is actually easy today for an organized group to stalk,follow and harrass a person. Even trained pyschologists need to be reeducated or retrained in this field. They are so busy with patients right now, most dont even know this is happening today. It might take another 10 years before they find out,and its possible some might even be corupt,know its happening and dont care.


                              Exposure is one way to stop them!

                                      Having a video camera is good if you can be lucky enough to film

an event the extremists actually do. This will help your credibility and could help from being falsely labeled mentally ill. This is quite common and they will always try to make YOU, look like the one that is mentally ill.

                                     Another tip is to try and investigate,or find out who the gang member or person was that put your name in to the gang. If you can find this out,you can concentrate on suing or taking legal action against the person who started the harrassment.  Other advice is finding a civil rights lawyer who will help you. Having a good lawyer, social worker and even a private detective could help,but only after you have enough evidence your self before you hire a P.I.

                                   Again,most police depts have a special division that handles extremist groups, such as a criminal intelligence division. Local police officers unfurtunely in our opinion can not be trusted. As many are involved with extremist groups. Cops that handle extremist groups might help. But, remember vigilante extemist groups network with many other extremists groups. You must mention that fact to them.

                                  Hopefully, in time when this huge scam and corruption,techniques ect become known, extremist groups will become non-effective when targeting. Only now,can we pray that this will come to an end and the police dept will do there job and control these groups, that have destroyed democracy and all civil and constitional rights. It is a shame that such a large group of mentally ill human beings have networked to destroy innocent lives.