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Gangstalking Video

Some of us do know why we were "turned in" for this harassment, but we don't really know why such a large, expensive network of citizen harassers came about. We do know that as dictatorships are in the forming stage, local neighbourhood surveillance and harassment groups are set up. Once the dictatorship takes over, these local surveillance and harassment groups ensure that the dictator stays in power. This political motive seems to be the only likely answer to the question of why so many resources are expended to keep these harassment groups in operation and expanding.

The early 21st century phenomenon called the "flash mob" or "intelligent mob" is a little like citizen stalking gangs/vigilante/harassment groups. The difference is that the "fun" skits, like arranging by cell phone to swarm a given store or other public location for a few minutes, are replaced by harassment of a selected target for years on end. The malevolent citizen harassment group skits are carefully designed to look like "life's normal mishaps" so the target cannot even complain without looking like a mental case.

This Video exposes real Gangstalkers in action

Watch this video carefully, notice how the stalkers use multiple individuals to stalk and harrass an innocent targeted individual.

Video thanks to activist,Eleanor White

Exposure is one way to stop them.

Windows free video format version is recomended

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