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Corruption within Government

The new theory, is that goverment knows this is happening and refuses to help or assist the victims,possibly to ties within the right wing infrastructure.

                       Public Awareness thru websites such as this,and other means to educate the public that this is happening. Vigilante Groups are destroying constitional rights and targeting not just the victims but also targeting their jobs so they cant make a living. They do this by infiltrating the job site by telling terrible lies obout the target and causing as much harrassment as possible.

                        Some long term targeted individuals are homeless, jobless and on the verge of emotional collapse, some have comited sucide or have become incarcerated and have been provoked to comit crimes,only to have been provoked by vigilantes.


                         Vigilante groups need to be stoped,and exposure is one way to stop them. By exposing tactics the groups use in attacks helps the victims to cope.

Victim Help/Support

Contact the email address  for help/support. Give us a brief description,of your situation.

Victims Help/Support

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