Anti Gangstalking/Anti Vigilante Network

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                                         OUR MISSION:

           To educate america, that this is a very serious issue that needs to be exposed. Domestic Terrorism and right-wing cult style groups who stalk,harrass and plan the demise and self destruction of targeted individuals using technowlogy and communications using large organized stalking groups which include hundreds of people that live in a small community and have networked all across the united states,commonly known as networked extremist groups who have developed from the monarch project and new world order.


Victim Networking and Anti-Vigilante Group

                                The best defense is networking with the victims, or targeted individuals. Vigilantes have taken the law into their own hands, and without the proper evidence or without any kind of legal conviction thru the court system,have destroyed all constitutional rights as we know it.Some may ask how is this happening? Vigilantes can target anyone for any reason and do simply because a member of the group says so. Make no mistake obout it,this is a gang. However,their methods are sophisticated and well funded by corporations. They also use law enforcement as a tool to destroy further.


                Anyone who has been targeted is urged to send an email tell their story and join this support group.