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Allegation of gang stalking is again being investigated

Police probe re-opened after This Week story

May 19, 2006

Lance Anderson

City police have reopened an investigation into an allegation of gang stalking.

Sergeant Walter DiClemente says police received a complaint from a woman, sparking them to re-open the case.

An investigation in the same case was conducted earlier this year but no evidence of what the woman claimed could be found.

Following a story about the matter that appeared in the April 19 edition of Peterborough This Week, the woman went back to police, claiming the gang stalking had worsened. The case was re-opened shortly after.

"We are actively investigating her allegations," says Sergeant Walter DiClemente.

The woman, whose name is being withheld to protect her anonymity, is somewhat relieved that police are once again investigating her allegations and hopes they will find those responsible.

Gang stalking is well documented in the United States and detailed on some web sites in Canada.

It typically involves a co-ordinated group of like-minded people who target one individual.

The Peterborough woman claims her stalkers park in front of her home, follow her to and from work, and harass her by flashing their car high beams at her.

She claims, for the most part, her stalkers wear black ball caps and drive cars with missing hubcaps.

Following the story that appeared in This Week, the woman says more stalkers are following her, watching her every move.

"There are more people with black ball caps and they are grabbing them, shaking them and grinning," she says.

She has some theories as to why she's being targeted but is reluctant to go into further detail for fear of what may result.